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Roses for Valentine's Day never have to be boring

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Hope the holidays were happy ones for you. Mine were sweet and simple. Now is the time I begin to prepare for Valentines Day, that is getting all my designs ready, taking pictures and figuring out what my customers want. I know from too many years of V-days that many men default to ordering "A dozen red roses" for their sweetheart. And while there is nothing wrong with sending a dozen roses, after all A Rose is Still a Rose sings Aretha Franklin, many women secretly wish for something new. 

How do I know, because people tell me, as their florist, many personal confidential things. This year, however rather than only listen, I'm creating some new twists on the classic dozen Red Rose arrangement to help the guys out or play cupid, so to speak. 

Here are some pictures so far ...how many ways can you send a dozen roses?

Rose Topiary Sale

ROSE TOPIARY is a cute little rose tree made of eight red roses and two in the pot and it only costs $39.  Way cute and easy on the wallet!

~A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ~

Then  there is this one called "THE SPACE BETWEEN US" with half a dozen red roses  The space between us

Sending these flowers could suggest bridging the distance in a relationship, be it emotional, physical.  Or these flowers could be given to represent the healthy relationship that is based on trust and room for individual space. 

There can be many reasons and that can be written in your card.


$59 Euro Rose Bouquet  Euro Rose Bouquet SALE

A dozen plus roses in a European bouquet with hydrangea and accented with an Aralia leaf and a ti- leaf curl in a modern cylinder vase with river stones. This is a trendy, modern, hand-tied rose bouquet. (I give deals on designs I most like to make)

                                          LOVE IS A ROSE GARDEN $147


Give her a Garden of Roses, featuring 1 and a half dozen roses in an amazing willow armature to convey love that is growing and blossoming.  And, while you never promised her a rose garden, she was true and stayed by your side through the years.  

One and a half dozen roses in an armature of curly willow and suspended above a bed of sea holy, tropical leaf accents, kermit poms and green hydrangea in a decorative tin. Simply breathtaking. 

CLICK HERE to see the rest of our Valentines  Flower selection.

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